Whereabouts of AJ Styles in WWE: Latest Update

AJ Styles, the charismatic professional wrestler, has been making waves in the WWE universe for years. Known for his impressive in-ring skills and engaging personality, fans have been eagerly following his every move. So, the question on everyone’s mind is, where is AJ Styles now? Is he still competing in the WWE? Let’s dive into the latest update on the whereabouts of this fan-favorite wrestler.

AJ Styles: A Brief Background

Early Career and Debut in WWE

AJ Styles, born as Allen Neal Jones, started his professional wrestling career in 2002. He initially wrestled for various independent promotions, showcasing his unique style and captivating the audience with his high-flying moves and charismatic personality. In 2011, he signed with the world-renowned wrestling promotion, WWE, making his debut under the ring name “AJ Styles.”

During his early years in WWE, Styles was a part of the developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), where he honed his skills and gained experience. He quickly rose through the ranks, winning the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship and establishing himself as a formidable competitor.

In 2012, Styles was called up to the main roster and became a part of the SmackDown brand. He quickly made an impact by engaging in high-profile feuds with veteran wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Styles’ agile in-ring style and natural charisma helped him connect with the audience, making him a fan favorite.

As his popularity grew, Styles became a prominent member of the roster, participating in numerous high-profile matches and storylines. He also showcased his versatility by teaming up with different wrestlers, forming alliances and rivalries along the way.

Rise to Fame and Signature Moves

Signature Moves

AJ Styles is known for his impressive signature moves that have left audiences in awe. Two of his most notable moves are the Phenomenal Forearm and the Calf Crusher.

Phenomenal Forearm

The Phenomenal Forearm is a powerful finishing move that involves Styles hitting his opponent with a stiff forearm smash to the head, knocking them out cold. This move has become one of Styles’ trademark moves and has been featured in many of his matches.

Calf Crusher

The Calf Crusher is a submission hold that Styles uses to set up his offense. To apply the hold, Styles locks in a headlock on his opponent and then jumps up, using his opponent’s head as a springboard to flip over and land on his feet. This move sets up Styles’ offense and allows him to control the match.

Tag Team and Singles Championship Wins

Styles has had a successful career in WWE, winning numerous tag team and singles championships. He won the WWE Championship twice, first in 2016 and then again in 2017. He also won the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the Raw Tag Team Championship. Styles’ success in the ring has earned him a reputation as one of the top superstars in WWE.

Departure from WWE and Independent Circuit

  • Reasons for Departure

In 2002, AJ Styles made his professional wrestling debut with the promotion, NWA: Total Nonstop Action (TNA), which later became known as Impact Wrestling. He spent several years with the company, becoming a household name and a fan favorite. However, in 2013, AJ Styles’ contract with TNA expired, and he chose not to re-sign with the company.

Speculation about the reasons for AJ Styles’ departure from TNA abounded. Some reports suggested that he was unhappy with the direction of the company, while others claimed that he was seeking a higher profile and greater exposure. Whatever the reason, AJ Styles’ decision to leave TNA marked a significant turning point in his career.

  • Success in Independent Circuit

After leaving TNA, AJ Styles embarked on a successful run in the independent circuit. He competed for various promotions, including Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and other international promotions. During this time, he continued to hone his craft and develop his character, solidifying his reputation as one of the most talented and charismatic wrestlers in the world.

In addition to his success in the ring, AJ Styles also made a name for himself as a successful trainer and mentor. He worked with up-and-coming wrestlers, helping them to develop their skills and prepare for their own careers in the industry.

Despite his success in the independent circuit, AJ Styles eventually decided to return to the world of mainstream wrestling. In 2016, he signed with the WWE, bringing his unique style and charisma to the biggest stage in the industry.

Speculations on AJ Styles’ Return to WWE

Speculations on AJ Styles’ return to WWE have been swirling around ever since his departure from the company in 2021. While there has been no official announcement regarding his return, fans and experts alike have been keeping a close eye on any hints dropped by WWE officials and analyzing fan demand and speculations.

Hints Dropped by WWE Officials

WWE officials have been known to drop hints about potential returns, and many believe that AJ Styles may be one of them. During the 2021 Royal Rumble, a video package was shown featuring AJ Styles, fueling speculation that he may return to the company. Additionally, his former tag team partner, The Phenomenal One’s name was mentioned by several WWE Superstars during their matches, leading fans to believe that his return could be imminent.

Fan Demand and Speculations

Fan demand has been a significant factor in predicting the return of AJ Styles to WWE. Many fans believe that his departure from the company was too soon and that his absence has left a gap in the roster. The Phenomenal One’s unique in-ring style and his ability to work well with a variety of opponents have made him a fan favorite, and his return would undoubtedly be welcomed by the WWE Universe.

Additionally, there have been several speculations about AJ Styles’ return to WWE. One such speculation is that he may return to the company during the 2022 Royal Rumble event, given that it is the 25th anniversary of the event and WWE tends to bring back former superstars for such occasions. Another speculation is that AJ Styles may return to the company as a member of the SmackDown roster, given that his former rival, Roman Reigns, is now on the roster.

In conclusion, while there has been no official announcement regarding AJ Styles’ return to WWE, fans and experts alike have been keeping a close eye on any hints dropped by WWE officials and analyzing fan demand and speculations. Whether he returns during the 2022 Royal Rumble event or as a member of the SmackDown roster, one thing is for sure – his return would undoubtedly be welcomed by the WWE Universe.

Recent News and Updates on AJ Styles’ WWE Status

Key takeaway: AJ Styles is a renowned professional wrestler who has had a successful career in WWE, winning numerous championships and becoming a fan favorite. Despite his departure from WWE in 2021, Styles remains a significant figure in the industry, and his return to WWE would undoubtedly be welcomed by fans.

Return to WWE after Injury

Injury and Recovery
After suffering an injury during a match in May 2022, AJ Styles was forced to take some time off from WWE to recover. The nature of the injury was not disclosed, but it was serious enough to require surgery. Styles underwent surgery in June 2022 and began his recovery process.

Comeback Match at Royal Rumble 2023
Fans were eagerly anticipating AJ Styles’ return to the ring, and it was finally announced that he would be competing in the 2023 Royal Rumble match. This match is a fan favorite and is known for its high-stakes and unpredictable nature. Styles returned to the ring on January 28, 2023, and made a strong impact, lasting over 20 minutes in the ring before being eliminated by eventual winner, Brock Lesnar.

Styles’ return to the ring marked a significant moment in his career, as he had been out of action for several months due to his injury. It was clear that he was determined to make a strong comeback and prove that he was still one of the top competitors in WWE.

Styles’ return also sparked rumors of a potential feud with Lesnar, who had just won the Royal Rumble match. Fans were excited to see what the future held for Styles and what challenges he would face next in WWE.

Overall, AJ Styles’ return to WWE after his injury was highly anticipated and marked a significant moment in his career. His comeback match at the Royal Rumble 2023 was a success, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see what the future holds for this legendary WWE superstar.

WWE Programming and AJ Styles’ Role

Recent Appearances on WWE Shows

AJ Styles has been a regular feature on WWE programming, appearing on both Raw and SmackDown. He has been involved in several high-profile matches and storylines, showcasing his impressive in-ring skills and charisma. Most recently, he was seen competing in a highly anticipated match at WrestleMania 37, where he faced off against reigning champion, Roman Reigns.

Rumors of AJ Styles’ Involvement in Upcoming Storylines

While the exact details of AJ Styles’ future involvement in WWE storylines are currently unknown, there have been rumors circulating about potential upcoming feuds and matches. Some insiders suggest that he may be involved in a rivalry with another top superstar, while others speculate that he may take on a new role as a mentor or coach to up-and-coming talent. As always, only time will tell what the future holds for this fan-favorite WWE superstar.

Social Media Updates and Statements

AJ Styles’ Recent Posts on Social Media

AJ Styles has been known for his active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where he frequently interacts with his fans and shares updates about his personal and professional life. Recently, he has been posting pictures and videos of his workout routines, promoting his upcoming matches, and sharing his thoughts on various topics related to wrestling and sports entertainment.

Furthermore, Styles has been using his social media accounts to promote WWE’s upcoming events and pay-per-views, including WrestleMania 38, which is set to take place in April 2022. He has also been interacting with other WWE superstars and personalities on social media, hinting at potential future collaborations and storylines.

Statements from WWE Officials and Insiders

WWE officials and insiders have been keeping a tight lid on AJ Styles’ whereabouts in recent weeks, and there have been no official statements regarding his status in the company. However, several reports have surfaced suggesting that Styles may be taking some time off from in-ring competition due to injuries sustained during his matches.

It is worth noting that WWE has a history of keeping storylines and plot twists under wraps until the last minute, so it is possible that Styles’ absence from the ring is part of a larger storyline that will unfold in the coming weeks and months. Nonetheless, fans and analysts alike are eagerly awaiting further updates on Styles’ status and potential return to the ring.

The Future of AJ Styles in WWE

Possible Storylines and Feuds

AJ Styles’ future in WWE looks bright, with a range of possible storylines and feuds that could keep him at the forefront of the wrestling world. Here are some potential opponents and matches, as well as new character development that could be explored:

Potential Opponents and Matches

  1. Roman Reigns: A clash between two of the most dominant wrestlers in WWE could be a highly anticipated match. With both wrestlers known for their physicality and powerful offense, this match could be a true showstopper.
  2. Seth Rollins: The two have a history of great matches, and their feud could be reignited with Rollins returning from injury. Their chemistry in the ring and the potential for a heel turn for one of them could make for compelling television.
  3. Brock Lesnar: A match between Styles and Lesnar would be a clash of styles, with the suplex-wielding powerhouse taking on the agile and technically sound Styles. This match could also potentially involve Paul Heyman, adding another layer of intrigue.
  4. Drew McIntyre: The two have a history of working well together, and a feud could see Styles taking on the new leader of the faction that McIntyre is a part of.
  5. Edge: With Edge’s return to in-ring competition, a match with Styles could be a possibility. The two have a history of great matches, and Edge’s storyline of coming back from injury could be used to elevate Styles.

Exploring New Character Development

  1. The O.C.: With AJ Styles as the leader of the faction, he could continue to evolve the group’s storyline. The O.C. could potentially take on a new member, leading to internal conflicts and power struggles within the group.
  2. A Heel Turn: AJ Styles could potentially turn heel, either by embracing his natural tendencies or by being driven to the dark side by a desire for more gold. This could lead to interesting rivalries with babyfaces like Rey Mysterio or Finn Bálor.
  3. Tag Team Action: With his history as a tag team wrestler, Styles could be paired with a partner like fellow O.C. member Gallows or Anderson for a series of exciting tag team matches.
  4. Wrestling Legends: AJ Styles could also explore feuds with some of the legends of the industry, such as Goldberg or Ric Flair, which could help to further elevate his status in the company.

Overall, there are many exciting possibilities for AJ Styles’ future in WWE, and fans can look forward to seeing where his storyline takes him next.

Continued Success and Legacy in WWE

AJ Styles has been a mainstay in the WWE for several years now, consistently delivering outstanding performances and entertaining fans worldwide. With his continued success in the company, it’s clear that he’s cemented his place as a WWE legend.

Maintaining a Strong Presence in WWE

Despite being in his late 40s, AJ Styles has shown no signs of slowing down. He continues to be a major player in the WWE, consistently featuring in main events and delivering electrifying matches. Styles’ dedication to his craft is evident in his consistent high-quality performances, making him a valuable asset to the company.

Cementing his Legacy as a WWE Legend

AJ Styles’ impact on the WWE cannot be overstated. He has faced some of the biggest names in the industry and has consistently come out on top, earning the respect and admiration of fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Styles’ longevity and continued success in the WWE have solidified his place as a true WWE legend.

Through his hard work and dedication, AJ Styles has earned a reputation as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world, making him a beloved figure in the WWE. As he continues to compete at the highest level, fans can rest assured that AJ Styles will continue to make his mark on the industry and cement his legacy as a WWE legend.


1. Is AJ Styles still in the WWE?

Yes, AJ Styles is still in the WWE. He is currently signed to the company and continues to appear on their shows.

2. What is AJ Styles’ current status in the WWE?

As of March 2023, AJ Styles is still an active WWE Superstar. He has been a prominent figure in the company for several years and continues to be a mainstay on their flagship show, Monday Night Raw.

3. Has AJ Styles won any championships in the WWE?

Yes, AJ Styles has won several championships in the WWE. He has held the WWE Championship, the United States Championship, and the Tag Team Championship, among others.

4. What is AJ Styles’ latest update in the WWE?

As of March 2023, AJ Styles is currently involved in a feud with The Miz and John Morrison on Monday Night Raw. He is also scheduled to compete in a number of matches at upcoming WWE events.

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