The Age-Old Question: Who is Older, Thanos or Thor?

Thanos’ Origins and Background

The Eternal

The Mad Titan

Thanos’ Purpose

Thor’s Origins and Background

Key takeaway: The question of who is older, Thanos or Thor, has been a topic of debate among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Thanos is thousands of years old, Thor is an Asgardian god who is estimated to be around 1,50 years old. However, due to the use of the Time Stone by Thanos, his age is difficult to determine. Other factors such as the Asgardian god’s access to advanced technology and their respective purposes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe also affect their ages. Ultimately, the question of who is older remains a topic of debate and speculation among fans.

The God of Thunder

The Warrior of Asgard

Thor’s Purpose

Comparison of Ages

Thanos’ Age

Thor’s Age

The Time Stone and Aging

Other Factors Affecting Age

The Ultimate Verdict

The Enduring Debate


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